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Cool SMS Text Bubble Welcome to our bulk SMS solution platform, where you can receive text messages online by buying our dedicated cell phone wireless number lines to receive from any source/sender. The messages are delivered right to your Cool SMS online portal. This allows you to get SMS messages online and also potentially allows you to receive many messages in bulk since you can buy multiple numbers and manage them all from one spot. Bring your business to the next level by signing up for multiple numbers, as we support any amount from one to thousands of lines per account.

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Cool SMS Real-time Our Real-time number messages are delivered instantly and our Lite lines deliver within 45 seconds. And to back this up you can test out this feature by visiting our demo page and by sending a SMS to our phone number to have such message immediately display in our demo portal.

Real US Phone Numbers to Get Verification Codes

Cool SMS No VIOP All of our phone numbers are unique and are dedicated to the end user only. The end user is the only one with access to the allocated number at any given time, which separates us from other service providers. Our numbers are registered to different area codes across the USA and are automatically assigned when lines are purchased. We don't use virtual or VoIP numbers since they are not accepted by popular services such as Ticketmaster.

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